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How to Set GEO FENCE Alarm
Problem editing:Cherry     Time:2013-9-17 19:31:58
The coordinate should be standard format which you can get from the software of Google earth.
“123456Ixyz,aabbccddefffgghhiijkkllmmnneppp qqrrssj”
Note: I must be capital, x=Number of the GENFENCE groups(1-5), y=1 means ON, y=0 means OFF z=0 means go into, z=1 means go out, e=N means north latitude, e=S means south latitude, j=E means east longitude, j=W means west longitude, aa,bb,cc,dd,gg,hh,ii,kk,ll,mm,nn,qq,rr,ss must be 2 digits. eg:03 means 3. fff,ppp must be 3 numbers. eg:011 means 11.
For example:
you get the coordinates from the google earth, The first Lat.22o45’55.49’’N, Long.114o23’46.86’’E The second Lat.22o45’47.40’’N, Long.:114o23’54.99’’E
The command should be:  123456I1,1,0,22455549N114234686E22454740N114235499E
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