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Toplovo Real Manufactory
News Editor:Cherry     Time:2013-9-30 10:57:13

Toplovo always get a question from our esteemed customers that how to check if a GPS company is a real GPS manufactory.

Here we share two ways to check if a company is a real manufactory. Check the company name on the CE&RoHs

certificate papers is one of methods.


1. Check the Patents INFO below,

We have the Patent of TL201 on 2009.03.26

We have the Patent of TL202 on 2011.07.22

We have the Patent of TL007 on 2012.11.07


2. Check the company name on the CE&RoHs certificate papers is one of methods.

Please check if TOPLOVO is the real Manufactory with the following info.

CE ID:  ATE20101828   Password: 293146  websie: http://www.atc-lab.com/english/index.html 
CE ID:  ATE20131339  Password: 004689  websie: http://www.atc-lab.com/english/index.html 
CE ID:  ATE20120941  Password: 674596  websie: http://www.atc-lab.com/english/index.html 
CE ID:  ATE20111393  Password: 799280  websie: http://www.atc-lab.com/english/index.html 
RoHS ID:  ATZ2010123  Password: 046323  websie: http://www.atc-lab.com/english/index.html 
RoHS ID:  DGC13062403V  Password: 146180 websie: http://www.dgatc-lab.com/en/
RoHS ID:  DGC12051424S02  Password: 704138 websie: http://www.dgatc-lab.com/en/
RoHS ID:  DGC12051424S01  Password: 594213 websie: http://www.dgatc-lab.com/en/
RoHS ID:  DGC13062403V  Password:146180 websie: http://www.dgatc-lab.com/en/


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